Sun Care Set

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Sun Care Set

ESSENS Sun Care Set

To achieve optimum results while sunbathing, ie. bronzed skin without burning, minimal wrinkles and reduce the risk of skin diseases, we recommend buying Essens Sun Care Set, which includes:

1x Before Sun Care Tablets
1x Before Sun Care Gel
1x Sun Care SPF 30
1x Sun Care SPF 50
1x After Sun Care Milk
1x bag ESSENS Sun Care
1x catalog ESSENS Sun Care

Before Tablets and Sun Care Before Sun Care Gel are not sold separately and can be obtained only through great set of Sun Care.

ESSENS Before Sun Care Gel 200 ml
The viscous gel with Aloe Vera for skin care before sun exposure. Suitable for all skin types. Reduces allergic reactions, effectively protects skin and moisturizes while helping to keep skin supple. It provides immediate soothing to the skin. They don’t contain parabens.

Apply to your skin always before sunexposure. Use your hands to gently rub the gel into the skin, ideally to dry skin. Let the gel get absorbed thoroughly.

ESSENS Before Sun Care Tablets - dietary supplement

Natural product containing Aloe Vera helps prepare the skin to the sun and very effectively supports reaching a bronze tan and prolongs
its durability.

3 tablets per day after eating.

A product doesn`t contain sugar, gluten and lactose.

Essence Sun Care are recommended to use as follows:

1. Start to use Before Sun Care Tablets 3 days before vacation departure, 3 times 1 tablet per day after meal. Take the rest of the pills during holiday. The tablets were developed to complement the human body the raw materials that create brown pigment. They contain a number of amino acids, in particular L-tyrosine, which works like a suntan “accelerators”, further they contain a spirulina algae which is rich in carotenoids (red-colour) thanks to which the skin remains more tanned and shiny. Carotenoids have beneficial effect on the immune system, which can be weakened by excessive exposure to the sun.

2. Before application of sunscreen, apply Before Sun Care Gel on your skin. This creates a basis upon which sunscreen holds very well, is easily spreadable and acts equally in protection thanks UV filters. Before Sun Care Gel contains also panthenol and thalitan that stimulate the skin to production of vitamin D and melanin - brown pigment.

3. 15 minutes after application Before Sun Care Gel it is a good time to apply a Sun Care SPF 30 or Sun Care SPF 50. The protection factor is usually selected according to skin type and solar radiation, that the skin will be exposed to. Generally, the number of minutes corresponding to your skin type is multiplied by the number of SPF. The resulting number should correspond to the number of minutes that you can spend in the sun without risk of getting burned. Sunscreens ESSENS Sun Care include effective protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Further they contain thalitan that accelerates browning of the skin.

4. In the evening after sunbathing apply After Sun Care Milk to your skin, which helps skin to regenerate, reduces redness and gives it much-needed hydration, thereby prolongs tan.